What’s the Best Size for Wedding Sparklers?

If you are planning to have sparklers at your wedding, you probably are trying to decide among the various shapes, sizes, and colors that are available. Even if you choose to go with the classic gold colored wedding sparklers, you will still need to decide which length is the right choice for your individual needs. There is quite a difference between way shorter sparklers burn in comparison to longer sparklers, and the amount of time which they burn is drastically different as well. This can present a real challenge when trying to choose what’s best for your wedding because there are some different variables to factor into the decision. Fortunately, knowing the best size for wedding sparklers on your special day is as simple as narrowing down a few crucial factors.

How You Use Them

One of the most important things that will help you determine the size of the sparklers you want to buy is how you will be using them at your wedding. There are many popular ways to use them such as during the entrance or exit as well as using them to write words and symbols in the air for photos. If you want to use them for an entrance or exit, you should consider buying longer sparklers so they create large enough sparkles to show up on film. Likewise, if you’re using them in photos, you’ll want to choose something a little shorter so you can keep control as you swing them around.

How Long They Burn

Another important factor to consider when choosing your sparklers is the duration of time for which they burn. If you are using your sparklers for an activity that will last 2 minutes, you’ll need to make sure that the sparklers you choose will burn for at least that length of time. The most popular size of sparklers for weddings happens to be twenty inches in length because they burin for over 2 minutes but aren’t so long that they are difficult to control or cause any safety issues. If you need your sparklers to burn longer, you can consider buying sparklers that are longer; but usually twenty inches is just right for most wedding applications.

Indoors or Outdoors

Lastly, knowing whether you want to use your sparklers indoors or outdoors is vitally important to knowing which ones you want to buy. Color sparklers make a lot of smoke due to the color pigments included in their powder so they can only be used outdoors. Gold colored sparklers don’t create excess smoke unless they are on a wooden stick, so usually you can use them indoors without any problems. However, make sure you test out whatever type of sparklers you buy ahead of time before you let all of your guests light them inside. Even if they are supposed to be smokeless, you are always better off being safe than sorry; especially on your wedding day.


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