The True Things About Remy Hair Extensions

Remy is the mostly used word in hair extensions business world. The term usually refers to the highest grade of virgin hair with full intact cuticles. The hair is collected from temple rather than a salon. Remy means that the hair is strong and in healthy condition, it has never been chemically processed, the hair is carefully harvested so all strands have cuticles facing in the same direction.

Virgin hair extensions are only available in natural black and dark brown colors. But today, a lot of women in North America and Europe want to purchase colored hair extensions such as blonde, ombre, etc. So, some manufacturers color their virgin hair extensions to have different colors.

Few manufacturers keep the full cuticles of remy hair, they strip some cuticles but the remaining still faces the same direction. We call them low-grade human remy hair because they had been chemically processed.

Having full intact cuticles, remy hair extensions look less shiny but more natural. Cuticles keep the realistic texture of the hair, so it feels the most luxurious to touch and will blend beautifully with your natural hair. Intact cuticle protects the hair from UV light, heat and chemicals. So remy hair extensionsare the most durable and long-lasting hair extensions. The cuticles will also help the hair to keep shape and wavy patterns.

How to find the remy hair extensions? There are usually single drawn and double drawn types. Single draw hair extensions are less expensive because they contain different lengths of hair, just like your natural hair. Some single drawn hair extensions are specified to be 20 inches, but there are hair strands in 10 inches.

Double draw hair extensions keep all individual strands the same length. The hairs are sorted into same lengths before bonding. Double drawn hair extensions are much more expensive because they are thicker, so you will need less hair to get a thick and full look. It is hard to find double drawn remy hair extensions.

New Star, which was founded several years ago, has accumulated a high reputation in hair industry. The hairs they are selling are completely 100% virgin hair never been processed, all cuticles are kept complete, the hairs used in extensions feel soft and very smooth. Compared with other hair companies, the biggest advantage of New Star is that they are only selling virgin hair. With the most reliable hair source, New Star has a full hair line that contains a lot of hair products, which include hair weaves, wigs, extensions, lace closures, lace frontals, whether in retail or wholesale price, you will get the best hair extensions in the market. Not only good hair products, New Star also offers frist-class after-sale service, about return, if you do not like the hair, just return them to us without need to pay the shipping fee, and they will give a full refund, no other hair companies are able to do this for you. Besides, New Star has a warehouse in New York, so they could provide a quick shipping service in time.


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