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There are infinite decisions to make when it comes to design your wedding style: (chiefly!) what dress to wear, your hair and makeup vision, etc. if you think about the details, then your manicure takes special place. You can’t just wear any old pink or blush, your nail colour must perfectly complement your rings, skin tone, and, of course your dress colour. A bride’s hands need to look as polished as the rest of her wedding day belongings since photographs of the couple holding hands are golden memories in wedding albums.
If your dress has complex details or a more printed embroidered fabric then opt for a lighter, cooler, more neutral shade. If the dress is sleek and simple with no extra embellishments, then you should chose loud and vibrant nail polish shades.

Let’s talk about some colours:
Pink nails are a bridal classic. Whether left alone or updated with a sparkly accent finger — you can never go wrong with a sheer pink coat on your big day! It suits on any skin tone.
Vibrant blue can carry with any simple sophisticated dress. As it gives buzz to your overall simple look. Select best shade of blue according to your skin tone and dress colour.

Perfect varnish for a chic bridal look, red polish is the perfect option for the stylish bride. Some people think without red colour bride is incomplete.
For simple sophisticated look some brides choose to go with clear transparent polish and let their natural nails shine through or enhance any light transparent colour with glitter. The glitter will add a bit of sparkle and shine which compliment wedding rings and any embellishments on wedding dress. Substitute is to have tiny faux gems imbedded into the polish near the base of the nail where it meets the cuticle, it will also make your hand dramatic filmy.

Your nail polish selection is equally as important as your lipstick and perfume choice, so don’t leave it for the last minute! Hope you follow this guide.



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