Ranieri’s Prosecco bar


Our 1960’s “Rice Beaufort” HorseBox Trailer has been lovingly restored and converted into Ranieri’s, a chic vintage mobile Prosecco bar.

Hand crafting every detail of vintage elegance, from the Eddison Lamps, to the reclaimed Victorian Distillery flooring re-purposed as our bar!

The outside has been hand-painted in a Land Rover engine enamel from the 1960s, the insides in chic period wallpapers, Annie Sloan paints warm greys and golds, and lots and lots of  P7 Briwax to protect that beautiful wood.

Now we can add unique style to your event almost anywhere in the UK!


We do it for the love of being there, we know it’s the best job in the world, the best atmosphere, & friendliest people. And it shows when you sit and relax at ranieri’s mobile bar.

A Mobile Wedding Prosecco Bar

We love weddings seriously LOVE them!! Everyone’s in a great mood, the venues are fantastic and every detail is perfect.

And that’s why we think through every detail too. We’ll consult with you on the exact taste profile of the Prosecco (or Champagne) you choose, the way we serve (from the horse box, to the table, or standing reception, informal or formal waiting styles etc etc).

Our vintage horse box gives a unique talking point for your big day, and our waiters will add their personal touch to ensure nobody forgets your day!

Our Brides join an exclusive club of Ranieri’s brides and we cherish their wedding day almost as much as the lucky couple. So to discuss how we can add even more sparkle to your wedding day just fill in this brief form and we’ll call you!

The Festival Prosecco Bar

Firstly, rest assured the safety of your guests is covered, we have the licensing, public liability insurance, health & safety policy etc etc covered, and of course we use polycarbonate flutes, whilst being as green as humanly possible!! We don’t just recycle, we re-use, look out for our range of prosecco bottle glassware (our winter project!!).

Our vintage horse box gives a unique stylish bar to chill-out in. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main bars, we serve chilled Prosecco, Prosecco cocktails, a range of Gin and Tonics, and anything else you’d like covering. Whilst we aim to serve quickly it’s never rushed and is always an experience as chilled as the drinks!!

If there’s space we’ll provide a hay bale cocktail lounge with Prosecco waitresses serving whilst your guests are seated!

Not only do we add a talking point during your show, we do so around it too!! We run Instagram, Facebook and Twitter campaigns during the lead up to the festival (offers on drinks & promotion of the event), as well as follow-up campaigns during and after the event too! We don’t know of any other Mobile Bar with over 6000 Facebook Followers!

A Mobile Celebration Bar

Big Birthday soon? Graduation? Retirement… New Baby… Engagement…  Anniversary… Promotion… Won the League maybe??

For More Details clicking here.


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