Makeup Colors and Trends

makeup color and trends

Make up colours and trends change with fashion styles and seasons. The modern new colour may or may not suit you. There are many skin colours like fair, medium, olive and dark, whereas only two basic skin tones — warm and cool are present. Once you know your skin tone, you can choice your make-up colour palette.   
First you have to examine your skin tone. Determining the nearest or right skin tone will help you chose a best colour palette for you.
Select a foundation that matches exactly with your skin colour.
Try the foundation on your skin. Choose a cool colour foundation with blue or pink undertones if you have a cool skin tone and yellow toned for warm skin tone. If your skin is darker, don’t make it white with foundation as it gives you unnatural and ashen look.
Opt for a blush colour that complements and blend into your skin.
Darker-skinned people should choose blush in shades of plums for cool skin tones, or burnt orange-bronze for warm skin tones. Try beige or tawny if you are fair with a warm skin tone.
Eye shadows that give your makeup a buzz must be select faultlessly. Choose a colour that complements your skin tone and enhances your eye colour.
People with warm skin tones can wear eye shadow with a golden hue, such as greens, browns, gold or pinks and girls with cool skin type, chose eye shadows in blues, greys, silver, pinks, and plums.
Lip colour or lipstick is the most important part of every makeup, its colour works as a trigger to your glamorous looks. So lip colour must be carefully selected according to your skin tone.
Warm reds and browns or pale warm shades such as champagne are good for warm skin tones. Whereas Cool, dark skin types can carry purples, rose, and sheer, pink gloss.
Hope above suggestions will help you in choosing right makeup shades for your skin type.


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