Losing 10 Pounds Without Exercise


When you want to reduce a few inches, you generally work on two things: the first one is that you bring a
change in your eating habit that is what you eat and the next one is that you immediately join a gym. But
scientists have found another, easier way to slim down and shed that extra bulk of pounds that doesn’t
require an ounce of sweat. Well, quite hard to imagine right but here is what you need to do in order to get slimmer in a healthier way.

Water is the basic need of our body which helps us in many ways. One of the benefits of drinking water at the right time is that it helps you lose weight. If you drink two glasses of water before breakfast, lunch,
and dinner they can help you reduce 10 pounds in around 12 weeks and that even in a healthier way,
according to scientists at the University of Birmingham.

In an experiment to discover the impact of water on body weight the scientists split 84 obese people into
two groups, among them 41 were asked to drink 16 ounces water before every meal as proposed earlier
and the other 43 to imagine they had a full stomach without consuming any water.

The group who pre-loaded with water lost about 9.48 bodyweight on average over the 12-week
experiment, while those who didn’t stay hydrated before their meals, lost only 1.72 bodyweight.
Although this research is pretty small in sample size and still needs to be verified, but indeed there are
many benefits of drinking water. And if you combine your healthy eating habits and intake of water this
will help to shed weight faster.


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