How can Look Gorgeous and beautiful on Wedding Day


women love to look gorgeous and beautiful on her wedding day. To look perfect and beautiful on your big day is not an easy task it needs time and a little hard work. Bridal beauty is a special and tough task but with some easy care tips your bridal charm will come alive. These natural home tricks will make your bridal beauty prolong.
Bridal Face Care:
The main eye catching area of a bride is her beautiful face. You cannot only rely on makeup beauty, it only works well when you have fresh, scar less smooth and shiny skin. For even smooth skin drink plenty of water. Brides should set their routine tension free and comfortable as this factor also effects on skin. Tension pops out pimples on skin. Wash your face every time when you came back from your wedding shopping as dirt and oil forms black heads. Take adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Use sun block on your face when exposing to sunlight. Daily clean your face before sleeping from a good cleanser of your own choice or which suits you best. Last but not the least don’t forget to take your beauty sleep of eight hours, it makes your eyes clear and dark circles free. Make your face fresh with these simple and priceless tips.
Bridal Hand Care:
After face, hands are the most important part of bride’s beauty appearance as groom has to fit lovely ring in it. Your wedding ring won’t look gorgeous if you have cracked, dry and unattractive hands. Always select full creamy moisturized hand wash for your daily hand wash. Use any hand cream or lotion after washing your hand. Brides should start use of hand gloves for washing at least two or three months earlier from their wedding day to avoid damage to skin from detergent and rough soaps. Clean and rub your hands with orange or lemon peel.
Bridal Foot Care:
Never neglect your foot care it holds same importance as face and hands deserve. No matter how expensive your sandals are they will not look good if your foot has dry patched skin.
Keep your feet clean always. Keep it soaked for 5-10 minutes in a mixture of slightly warm water with rose water, glycerine and a little amount of moisturized liquid soap. After 10 minutes clean your feet with cotton and a cleanser at the end again apply some moisturizer. Daily practise makes and keep your skin clean and fresh.
No matter how fat or skinny you are, how dark and white you are and how tall and short you are, you are going to be the most beautiful bride on earth if your skin is naturally beautiful.


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