Choosing FOUNDATION according to Skin Type


Most of us don’t have perfect complexions; so our skin can give us a challenge in looking our best. The miracle of good makeup may help in achieving perfect fine face for your wedding day. You need to know selecting the correct foundation according to your skin type is a skill. All you need to know which foundation or base is accurate for your skin. First examine your skin, is it dry, oily or in combination. 

Dry Skin:
The kind of skin type you have will direct you towards the kind of base makeup you should use. Women with dry skin should pick a stick, liquid, cream or hydrating powder. Hydrating powder moisturizes and soothes skin, and it generally covers more equally than pressed powders. Since liquid foundations can be difficult to blend and can leave lines, cream foundations are a better alternative for dry skin type. Like liquid foundations, creams are moisturizing, but their solid texture makes them easier to spread on.

Oily Skin:
If you have oily skin then it can be hard to find a foundation that does the job well on your skin? The best way to keep your makeup on your face for a long time without that “melting off” problem is primer! Use this before makeup and it factually didn’t move for 10 hours. Always use primer on oily skin before any foundation or other makeup. It works best! When it comes to cosmetics and foundations for oily skin, avoid crème based foundations and blushers, as they will create oily residue and contribute to greasy pores. Instead, opt for powder based or oil free foundations that allow your oily skin to breathe, finding one that strikes the right balance of moisture to soothe skin while minimising oily residue.

Normal and Combination Skin:
Cream foundation is suitable for normal, dry and combination types of skin. It is perfect for uneven complexion and conceals the flawlessness. It is easy to apply and gives the skin good tone and shine.

Liquid foundations are available in many types’ i.e. oil-free, oil-based, water proof and even 24-hour. This is the best foundations for combination skin; it hydrates the skin and also fights oil. If you have combination skin, use a foundation that’s only for oily or dry skin, you may experience frequent dryness, oily patches, or breakouts. Finding a good foundation for combination skin types can help correct these problems.
Regular cleansing and moisturizing your face before applying makeup can give you best results.


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