BRIDAL Hair Style According to FACE SHAPE

Bridal Hairstyle

Some special pictures last a life time. To make your precious wedding moments a good memory you have to be picture-perfect from head to toe. There are lot of things to take into consideration. One of the most important things to consider is your hairstyle. Selecting the right hairstyle for your face shape is so important. You have to know how to work with your face features so that your beauty can be enhanced. We’re here to help you out in hairstyles that will accentuate your lovely features.

Oval Face:
This is actually the most common face shape. A bulging chin or a large forehead is generally two key characters for those with an oval face shape. They also are apt to appear longer than they do wider, so need a little balance to make the face seem more in proportion.
It’s important with a long face not to have anything too smooth or lengthy, as this will only make the face appear longer. Choose a style that’s going to break the length of the face, such a thick, rounded fringe. Complement width by creating an up style at the mid-section of the crown or to one side. The key with an oval face is to add width around the face to make it appear more rounded.
Avoid hairstyle that’s going to give you lots of height. Never do centre partings as this will draw the eye down the longest part of the face, making it appear longer in length.

Round Face:
A smooth centre-parted blowout with soft curls at the ends will elongate the face. A half-up, half-down hairstyle keeps hair out of your eyes slim the face. Side steps little longer than your chin, also gives your face a long shape. Puff on crown area will also help to give your face an oval look.
Don’t carry short steps around face. Don’t curl your hairs if they are short.

Heart Face:
Your pointed chin tends to be the focal point of your face. Uphold a side swept fringe and a bit of volume from the cheekbones up. This will help to direct the eye to your beautiful eye’s and check bones.
Don’t pull all your hair back into a slimy hairstyle. Never give height at the crown it will only attract more attention from your diminishing jaw line.

Square Face:
A square face has a strong, angular jawline, a broad forehead and a square hairline. Styles such as curls or a cut with choppy ends will soften your strong face shape beautifully. Always consider rounder styling, with texture on or close to your face, as this will soften the corners of a heavy jaw and hairline. Longer hairstyles work well to slim and give your face an elongate look. Whereas curls, waves, wispy layers or an asymmetric fringe will soften your face features.

Triangle Face:
Also known as heart shaped, this face shape begins with a delicate, pointy chin and widens towards the cheekbones. Opt for hairstyles which always draw attention away from the chin, by playing up your eyes and cheekbones. Strong angles and styles that have too much height at the crown as they will make the top of your face look fuller and your chin look smaller and pointier. Try a longer length, with fullness to balance out your face shape. A soft wispy fringe, layers or a side part will help to draw focus on your eyes and slims down your forehead. Brides with this face cut should avoid short styles.
When you have chosen the hairstyle that you want for your wedding day, it is very important to have a hair trial before the special day. This will give you the chance to make sure that you’re chosen style best compliments your face shape. Good luck with all your preparations.

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