Bridal EYE Makeup

bridals eyemakeup

Wedding is one of the most significant occasions in any woman’s life and we want to look picture-perfect on this day. Makeup is the main source of attraction in any bride. The important and main part of any makeup is eye makeup. Eyes are beautiful and visible part of human face, some people have small eyes, bulging and some have big deep eyes. To make bride’s eyes more beautiful and attractive follow these tips.

  • Get your eyebrows prepared one day before the wedding. Getting it done on the same day shows visible redness & irritation that could ruin your look for the day.
  • Highlight your eyes by enhancing any darkness under them with corrector and concealer.
  • Use specific eyelashes – they’re a wonderful way to make your eyes fabulous and look far more delicate than a full strip. Go for differing lengths to craft a really natural fluttery look.
  • Define your eyes by applying colour in the crease, but avoid using a shade that’s too solid, as it can weaken from the eyes themselves.
  • Don’t think that waterproof mascara is the only waterproof choice for your eye make-up – there are waterproof eyeliners (pencil/ liquid/ gel).
  • keep your eye shadow colours simple, light and fresh (that way, even if your eyes look sore /tired by the end of the day they won’t look dark and heavy).
  • Lots of heavy ’80’s style contouring’! Keep under the eye area eyeliner free if you know you are going to cry a lot and make sure you curl your eyelashes before applying black (which looks best on everyone), waterproof mascara.
  • For the evening reception, make your eye make-up a little more ‘smoky’, you can simply run an eyeliner pencil on the inner rim of the eye and add a little more mascara.

Hope these simple tips help you in making your eyes more beautiful on your big day.


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