Wedding Garters know it All

Marriage is a very important occasion in our lives. The gathering, the celebration and the thrill together make our day so special and memorable. Everyone seems so happy and joyous especially the bride and the groom. After all they are going to begin a new phase of their lives by taking vows of being together and forever.

There’s a lot of ceremonies and new things that happen in Weddings. As the important day closes by, the couple learns about many old and new traditions. They try to comprehend each ritual and keenly take part in it as well. Wedding vows, Bridal attire and many other such things have a specific pattern for them. The couple needs to strictly adhere to it and follow the traditions to enjoy a blissful life.

One such significant article that we come across on this auspicious day is the Wedding Garter. In simple terms, Garter is a small narrow piece of cloth that is usually fastened beneath the knees of the bride to keep up the stockings. In olden days they were used to avoid slipping of stockings or socks but today garters are mostly used for a fashion statement.

The History of Garters

To understand its importance you need to dive into the history and understand the superstition behind its usage. During ancient times, it was considered that if you get a piece of the wedding attire then it will bring good luck to you. That’s why people use to attack the bride to rip off and get the garter from her.

Another popular myth behind the usage of Bridal Garter was that it was consider as a testimonial, a proof that the newlywed couple have accepted their marriage. In both the cases, garter was a piece of cloth that was removed from the bride and given to someone who attends the marriage.

The New Tradition

Today garters have a different purpose. Although many still believe in the same myth and still accept the ancient ideology, but the whole practice of removing and throwing the garter has changed. Today the garter is removed by the groom and then tossed by him towards his unmarried male guests. It is generally performed after the women tradition where in the bride throws the bouquet towards her unmarried female guests.

So now, according to the new superstition, the man and the woman who receives the tossed articles are considered to get married sooner than others in attendance. Traditionally, the man who gets the garter places it on the leg of the woman who gets the bouquet. They also share a dance and celebrate the wedding with great joy and zeal.

How to Wear a Garter

The general idea behind wearing a garter is that it will help the bride hold up the stockings. So it is mostly worn around the knees for the same. You can wear the garter on any leg- left or right. Some women wear it on both their legs. One of the garter is to be removed by the groom and the other one stays with the bride. Women can choose to place both on the same leg as well. In such a case, the one that will be removed is placed below the one that will be kept by the bride.

One important thing to be kept in mind is that the garter should be decently placed. This is because the groom will remove it in front of many guests and as such this moment should not become a moment of embarrassment for the bride. Hence it is recommended to wear the garter at a low height for easy removal and retrieval. This will also make it convenient for the bride to get clicked while she lifts her wedding dress for the shoot.

The style

Today you can find a variety of garters in the market. Each has its own uniqueness and charm. Different women have different tastes and today it is easy to find one that suits your style. You have a wide array of colours, style, packing and more to choose from. Garters are fashionable and they only add more vividness to your bridal attire.

There are plain white garters for the women who wants to keep it simple and neat. If you want a more fancy type then you can choose the colored ones or the ones that have ribbons and other additions over it. For women looking to wear two garters there are personalized sets available as well. Normally one of the two is simple and the other one is more lively and trendy.


Bridal Garters are beautiful and gorgeous. Wear it for the tradition or for the sentiment, but women just love wearing this small piece of article. Garters add a surprise element to your wedding and also keep the ancient tradition alive. Many feel that their wedding dress is incomplete without the garter and hence it’s a compulsory addition to their attire. Overall garter adds fun to traditions and brings smile to all.


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